Real peace is unshakable

Kundalini Yoga is a science, a practice and a wisdom that helps you leap over the pitfalls of life. We hold classes and workshops in north and east London and are committed to delivering the practice for the benefit of all. We also serve tea after classes and encourage you to get to know others and ask us any questions you may have.

“Real Peace is always unshakable” ~ Yogi Bhajan

KaryThe Everyday Yogi

The Castle Climbing Centre week day classes on Wednesday continue as do the Sunday classes taught by us on rotation. Plus, the Stepping Into Kundalini workshops are back from 19th July led by Kary. This month the theme is The EverydayYogi.  Find out more


sunriseAquarian Sadhana

Every month from 12th July the Kundalini Yoga Collective will be gathering at the Calthorpe Project in Kings Cross to share in the communal experience and magic that is early morning sadhana. Join us. Find out more


Kundalini Yoga CollectiveWhat is Kundalini Yoga?

Read our blog to find our more about Kundalini Yoga and get tips and ideas to help you develop your practice. If you would like us to cover anything in particular in our blog – get in touch, or  try one of our £6 community classes on a Sunday.


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