Sat Nam lovely souls and seekers of truth! Get ready for the collective, expansive energies of the new moon in Aquarius arriving this Tuesday afternoon.

This new moon is particular because it arrives in Aquarius at nearly exactly the same time as the Sun enters the sign of the waterbearer. Cosmic, indeed. We will all feel the Aquarian energies of collective consciousness and the shared, human soul journey. The planets are directing us to expand our awareness to a higher level of vibration, and to project love, compassion, and healing energies to all creatures and to mother Earth. If you have been doubting whether ‘the Age of Aquarius’ has arrived or not, the next few days should make you feel certain. The Cosmos is inviting us to dip our toes into the flowing stream of loving, passionate Aquarian energy.

If ever there was a new moon to submit to, this is the one. Mercury and Venus have already been in Aquarius for a couple of weeks and Mars has only just left. The ideas planet, Mercury, goes retrograde in Aquarius on Wednesday, raising questions which again lead to valuable insights. And there is a powerful link between Mars and visionary Neptune meaning we will be short of facts, along with a distinct opposition between Jupiter and Venus so we must go by intuition. This lunation brings a feeling of a “fresh start” to our lives. It awakens us to a need for a vision, for socializing and brainstorming, for expressing feelings of friendship, and for developing more objectivity in our lives.

The Sun in Aquarius stimulates our idealistic nature and we become more concerned with humanity and our community, we feel a strong need to move forward and to make progress. We will come up with inventive ideas, and almost certainly we will feel more romantic. Remember, romantic ideas are simply those that extend beyond logic and common sense and allow us to dream!

Feel your inner Aquarian this month, and only take the higher road in whatever you do. For sure, the Cosmos is hammering home the message by treating us with the rare occurrence of yet another new moon in late Aquarius before the Sun moves on by mid-February.

Who can say no to such a convincing argument, I ask! With much love and joy from Yogi Madschri, looking at the same stars as you though from the other side of the planet, in Pushkar, India!