Gyan mudraThank you to all those who came to the first Stepping Into Kundalini sessions at the beautiful Kentish Town Studios. It was a joy to deliver the teachings to you and share some time afterwards. The theme for this class was  ‘breath of life’.  As requested below are a few pointers about a couple of the techniques we covered. These are  intended as tips and reminders only. The best way to learn and develop in the practice is by going to classes and learning with a teacher.  This is also the way to experience one of the key elements of the practice – sharing with community.~Blessings

Breath of fire

Breath of fire is a very energising technique and should not leave you out of breath.

1. Sit with your base firmly rooted on the mat or chair. Shoulders back and relaxed so that your rib cage is wide and lifted slightly.

2. Put your hand on your navel and pant like a very thirsty dog. Feel the movement of your navel and notice the breath. It’s the movement of your navel pressing in and very slightly up towards the spine that pushes the air out. It’s not a squeeze, it’s a gentle push. As the belly relaxes, the air comes back in.

3. Now put your tongue back in your mouth and continue the same breathing. The movement of the belly inwards and the diaphragm slightly upwards towards your spine pushes the air out through your nose. The air returns as your belly expands. Bring just a little bit of control  into your belly expanding, so you are directing it, rather than allowing it to happen passively.

5. Make sure you’re not inhaling as you pull in the navel. That’s the opposite way.

4. The length of the in and out breaths are even.The breath should sound a little bit like a steam train. Go slowly at first and then speed up as you feel more comfortable in doing so.

HelixLaya Meditation

Strong actions combined with non-attachment make life a dance with much creativity and gratitude. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Sit in easy pose with your arms extends and your hands in gyan mudra. Focus on the third eye at the brow point.

The chant is very precise. On EK pull in the navel. On each final UH lift the diaphragm up firmly. Relax the navel and abdomen on HAY GUROO.
Have a listen here. Ek Ong Kar (UH) Play

The sound has a spin to it – imagine energy and sound spiraling up and around the spinal cord in a right-handed helix. Start at the base of the spine
as you initiate the energy from the navel. End with the focus over the head to the Cosmos on HAY GUROO.

EK ONG KAAR-(UH) – One Creator Creation
SAA TAA NAA MAA-(UH) – True Identity
SIREE WHAA-(UH) HAY GU-ROO – Great Indescribable Wisdom
Downloads for the mantra