We are very lucky that Kucho Shaman Juan De Dios will be spending time with us at The Gathering. Juan grew up in Machu Pichu and is deeply connected with the Inca history of the area and the sacred rituals.

On Friday between 8-10pm Kucho Shaman will lead us in a teaching on the Magic of Machu Picchu followed by a sacred ceremony. After the ceremony there will be traditional music.

The Dome, Ashram Valle Sagrado 8-10pm

Non residential participants welcome
S/ 30 for the event 
US$40 for the day – includes all other workshops, breakfast, lunch and dinner
US$67 for the night – includes all the above plus accommodation

Kucho has received the great initiation of Apu Machu Picchu to elevate the Cosmic Consciousness of humanity and to purify and regenerate the Earth, known in the Andes as the new transformation, the Great Pachakuteq.

He communicates with the spirit of the ancestors through the symbols, signs and sacred geometry of the temples and Wakas. (Holy Sites)

~ We look forward to learning from him ~

FAQ about ayahuasca: We will not be hosting an ayahuasca or medicinal ceremony. The focus remains on learning and sharing and the Gathering is in the Kundalini tradition.