Journey To Damanhur

The Kundalini Yoga Collective and Circlecenter collaborate to guide a week-long Journey to the alternative spiritual community of Damanhur. Damanhur is a testament to what can be achieved by humans, working together, towards a vision. We hope that through the teachings at Damanhur and our collective experience, the group can gain a new perspective on spiritual living.

Nestled in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy, the Federation has its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. As well as a spiritual approach the community has a very realistic approach to life.

The community was founded in 1975 inspired by the vision of Falco Tarassaco, né Oberto Airaudi (1950-2013). His enlightened and pragmatic vision created a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment.  As a result, Damanhur has slowly expanded into a United Nations award-winning sustainable eco-community of over 600 residents.

At Damanhur every citizen is lead through a lifelong process of self-exploration and search for the meaning of existence. This is facilitated through the study of ancient magical traditions and the celebration of the rhythms of nature.

Damanhur is perhaps best known for its extraordinary subterranean work of art and architecture, a cathedral known as the Temples of Humankind. This complex was entirely dug by hand into the heart of the mountain. Decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other works of art, it is dedicated to the awakening of the divine spark present in every human being.

This seven-day journey will include the Rite Of the Oracle – full moon ritual, visits to the Temples of Humankind, meditation work in the sacred woods and labyrinths on the grounds, and teachings and sharings from the residents. There will also be daily Kundalini Yoga practice and meditation workshops, life path readings and other workshops and meditations.

Additionally, this journey will provide opportunities for participants to deepen in their understanding of their individual nature and life purpose, expand their connection to the deep voice within, and clarify the steps to enacting that in the world.

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The Journey

Cost: 1165 EUR full price

  • Includes full programme ~  all workshops, visits, readings and ceremonies.

  • plus shuttle to and from Turin airport

  • and on-site accommodation for six nights.
    Accommodation is in guesthouses in shared rooms of two, with shared facilities

  • Want a private room? On-site single rooms are available for an additional 27EUR per night – spaces are limited

  • Food & flight is not included. There is a supermarket and cafes and restaurants in the grounds.


Kundalini Yoga Collective, Circlecenter, Portal, and Hive community members receive

US$200 / 200EUR discount.

US$100 / 100EUR discount is also available if you refer another attendee.

Referring 3 or more paid attendees earns you a free registration.

Financial consideration is available for those in need – we want you to come!! If you wish to apply please let us know when you fill out the form expressing interest, below.



subject to small changes

Daily morning Kundalini Yoga practice
Life path readings
Additional meditations & teachings in the grounds
Evening dinners and meditations

Wednesday 25th July:
Welcome to Damanhur.
Orientation tour
Kundalini meditation on intentions for the week.

Thursday 26th July:
Guided visit and questions and answers on Damanhur’s philosophy, art and social structure.
Visit to the Temples of Humankind – later we will return and experience the temples in silent meditation.
Experience the Sacred Wood.
Evening meeting with the community
‘Rite of the Oracle’  – a full moon celebration and ritual.

Friday 27th July:
Guided Meditation & own meditation time
Introduction to Spiritual Physics: learning more about Damanhurian philosophy, the spiritual and social model, cosmogony and the birth of the universe.
Communal meeting with one of the founders of Damanhur.

Saturday 28th July:
Learn about Selfic technologies, an ancient art that involves the concentration and direction of vital and intelligent energies.
Experience a Contact with a Spheroself.
Visit to the Sacred Woods and experience the Labyrinths.

Sunday 29th July:
Details to be confirmed
Evening mantra & gong

Monday 30th July:
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop on the Number 11
Damanhur teachings and workshop – details to be confirmed
Closing Ceremony

Tuesday 31st July:

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More About Damanhur

Spiritual Physics

Spiritual Physics observes the mechanisms that regulate life, events, and all the elements that contribute to the existence of the universe, through the lens of mystical vision and personal investigation. These principles and laws are explored by the method of exercising one’s own senses and faculties; every researcher investigates and experiments, implements and corrects, opening new frontiers for understanding the reality in which we are immersed.

Some of the key topics are cosmology, the physics of space-time, the structure of matter and the laws that sustain the universe.

From the study of Spiritual Physics comes the technology used to intervene on synchronicity, on space and time, to intensify and amplify our perceptions and our sensitivity, and to maintain a healthy body.
Spiritual physics takes “the big picture” into account. It considers philosophical implications, the subtle ecosystem and the individual in his or her physical, energetic and spiritual complexity.

The Rite Of the Oracle - Full Moon Ritual

Every month on the full moon, Damanhur recreates the Rite of the Oracle, one of its most important ceremonies. The ritual has taken place since 1985.

The Damanhurian Oracle is not a person but a group of divine Forces, including all the Oracles of ancient times. It is the public celebration of the answers channelled throughout the lunar month.

During the Ritual the Damanhurians believe that a window of spiritual light opens and connecting all participants with the divine dimension.

Participants are invited to ask the oracle a question – this is done in advance.


Selfica is a field of empirical research that was introduced to Damanhur by Falco Tarassaco the founder. who conducted experiments together with others in the community. The Selfica discipline makes it possible to focus and direct vital and intelligent energies to perform different functions connected to wellness, amplifying perceptions and personal development.

The structures of Selfica are based on the spiral, and they are comprised of metals, minerals, colors and special inks all of which act as conductors for intelligent energies. These “border forces” can be a link between our material world and different planes of existence, enabling us to establish a synergistic relationship among all of them. Selfica is an ancient technology. Its use dates back to the Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan civilizations. Legend says that it was also present in mythical Atlantis.


Getting There

Damanhur is located in Valchiusella (“the valley of the Chiusella River”), near the towns of Vidracco and Baldissero Canavese in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. It is 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Turin and 15 km (10 miles) from Ivrea.

Flying: Damanhur is approximately 45 minutes by car from Turin Airport (TRN) and 1.5 hours from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP).

We will arrange shuttles to pick you on 25th July and drop off on 31st July.

Taxi fare to Damanhur is about 180 euros from Milan Malpensa Airport and 65 euro from Turin Airport.


Damanhur Welcome and University – Via Pramarzo 3 10080 Baldissero Canavese (TO) – Tel: +39 0124 512236

Click here for a map and detailed directions.

About The Place

Damjl (or, “capital city”) is Damanhur’s main hub of energy and activity, where residents and guests meet and commingle. In the same building as the Welcome Office, you will find Somachandra Café, the office of Damanhur University and the studio for Pranoself. Damjl also consists of about 3 hectares (about 300 acres) of beautiful grounds.

About 2 km (1.2 miles) from Damjl you will find Damanhur Crea, housed in a former Olivetti typewriter factory that now teems with renewed innovation. Damanhur Crea is another centre of activity and community life at Damanhur.

Buying food, eating & dining


A natural foods supermarket called Tentaty is conveniently located right in Damanhur Crea. It sells organic, ecological and GMO-free products, and offers many locally made goods from the region. Any amenities you may need during your stay can be found here—from personal items like toothpaste and perfume to staples such as coffee and fresh produce. Gluten-free items and options to suit special dietary requirements are also available.

Damanhur Eateries:

Amazingly delicious natural food is available everywhere in and around Damanhur; after all, they are in Italy!

Somachandra Café, located in Damjl near the Welcome Office, is a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a nice strong Italian coffee, breakfast or lunch.

Arielvo, located at Damanhur Crea, is a favourite meeting place for locals and visitors alike. One part café/bar and one part organic restaurant, it has a casual outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a delicious, healthy Italian-style lunch.

Il Tarassaco is a must-try eatery located in the Damanhur agriculture nucleo community of Prima Stalla. At this wonderful farm-to-table restaurant, the food in the menu is grown right on the farm. It is open on weekends and by reservation only.