Are you feeling it?

Solar eclipse, 1 August 2008We are experiencing some of the most intense and dramatic astrology energies these days. Mother Earth is undergoing a vibrational upgrade, and all her children are feeling it, in their bones, their hearts, and every cell of their bodies. If you have been doing work in recent years to raise your vibration through yoga, meditation, or other awareness technologies, you have done well and created a foundation for growth through the Cosmic shifts now happening. And if the opposite is the case, if you have a life situation fraught with imbalance, denial or delusion/illusion keeping yourself away from Truth, possibly the days ahead will challenge the fragile edifice of your living.

Remember, there is always one more step to take on the road to truth, and these karmic energies are playing out for all of us. They are here to help us grow, and to build the courage to become more genuine, pure, and natural. You know with yourself where you are on this journey, or indeed, whether it has begun at all for you. So know and understand that we are all here to help you, to cheer you on, and to hold your hand so that you can leap in faith land in grace. The Moon, the Sun, the stars and the planets, the trees, the birds, the grass and the water in the rivers, we are all your friends, we are all your lovers, we are all waiting for you to tear the veil, show yourself as you are created, so that we can embrace you, kiss you and hold you.
It is with this in mind that I ask you to live these Cosmic energies. Even what looks like a challenge, or a problem, or a nuisance, is without any doubt the right thing for you, for the planet, for all of us. So embrace, allow change and evolution to happen in your life, enter into the beauty of the grand adventure for which you were created and to which you are entitled. We all share our breath and we are all walking with you, every step of the way.

Only a few days ago Mercury, Neptune, the Sun and healer asteroid Chiron came together in Pisces to wake up our senses to what lies ahead. This stellium gives us internal energy and ignited fires of passion and desire. Then on Monday, Uranus squares Pluto for the seventh and final time in a series which began in 2012. This time the pairing is in Capricorn, so giving us a powerful cocktail of impatience, revolutionary zest, and urge for freedom. We have been feeling the effects of this disruptive, change-making pairing not only when it has come exact, but also as other planets and bodies aligned and challenged it. It can manifest as dissatisfaction with what we consider to be restrictions in our lives, whether internal or external, and with superficial elements, humdrum routines, or situations that keep us feeling tied down or locked in. Buried feelings and motives can surface now, erratically or dramatically. Major changes can occur! Remember, this energy is here to help us to break out of monotony and to relinquish bad habits, spiritual as well as physical. Take advantage of it, don’t resist it!

And then, today, Friday came the grandest of it all: a total Solar Eclipse in the final degree of Pisces.

In September 2006, a Solar Eclipse occurred at the Zodiac point directly opposite this one, so you can look at your life path since then and understand your experiences during those years as evolution and growth, it’s all about your perspective. This Solar Eclipse is so dramatic because it is on the final degree of the Zodiac, heralding a time of only newness and creation for all of us. It is almost like the planets are saying ‘if you haven’t already chucked out the old stuff in your life, discarded your worn-out habits of conditioning, and broken the pattern of living in your ego mind away from your heart, we will now do it for you. Please stand back while we reset your life’.

The Eclipse awakens all of us to the need for spiritual ascendancy. It’s time to revitalize ourselves through experiences that require imagination, compassion, or which  simply represent a “break” from the routine. We can now put things to an end in order to begin anew. Nagging problems from the past need to be dealt with and put behind us. The range of emotions that Pisces registers is extraordinary, and this could be a time when we feel that enormous range.

Again, remember what I said, this is good energy. It is here to help you, not crush you. It will only crush that which serves you no longer. So,  go out, embrace the Eclipse, live it and remember not to look at it!

As I stated at the beginning of this text, if you already have a regular personal practice of awareness of consciousness you have prepared for this shift. However for all of us the advice would be to focus on remaining grounded, and to stay in the simplicity of the present moment. Do relaxation, chakra balancing, particularly the lower chakras. Try the Ma meditation to build patience and compassion towards the advice you are intuitively receiving. In all dealings with others, be patient, compassionate and communicate honestly.

With much love and joy from Yogi Madschri, looking at the same stars as you albeit from the other side of the planet, in Rishikesh, India!