September 2021: Retreat, Sacred Valley Peru

March 2021: Nadi Gathering - Veracruz, Mexico

We started with free classes in the park in 2012 and our mission was then and is now
to teach Kundalini Yoga in an accesible way to all. We know Kundalini Yoga can
help activate you to be you, and can help heal and release you from anything
that may be holding you back.  We create a safe, happy space for people to go
into the yoga, connect with us and connect with each other.  
Always we serve tea after class and sit and chat.


During this time of home retreats when we are all in our own bubbles

we have taken the classes online-  we’re there every day for you.

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Nadi Gathering, Sacred Valley PERU

A Gathering of activation and learning from each other and from local wisdom and the  surroundings.  


Journey To India Amritsar INDIA

The Kundalini Yoga Collective and the London Kundalini Centre came together to guide a  group to north India.