Kundalini Yoga Collective

We teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The practice encompasses and draws from all yogic systems and techniques and is a potent and effective system of self-transformation and personal development. Read our blog to find out more about the practice.

Kundalini Yoga stimulates individual growth through systematic techniques that strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system (the guardians of health), for increased stability and vitality. Meditation improves mental concentration, sharpens awareness and gives the direct experience of consciousness.

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Format of a Class

The classes are typically 90 minutes long and flow in a set sequence although the focus of the practice varies each time, so rarely are two classes ever the same.

We begin by tuning in and follow this with a short warm up. This leads into a set of exercises known as a kriya. There are hundreds of kriyas and each one tends to focus on different aspects of mind, body and spirit. All kriyas work on balancing the whole body system through breathing techniques, mantra and physical exercises or asanas.

Following the kriya the class is led into a deep relaxation to assimilate the changes of the exercises throughout the body. A meditation then follows and the class then ends by singing the Long Time Sun song and then tuning out with the seed mantra Sat Nam.

We always hope that you will stay for a cup of tea and share your experiences with others or chat to us about any questions you might have.

We provide mats. We also have some blankets but it’s always best to bring your own if you can.

We currently run a number of regular classes and workshops. Our schedule is increasing steadily so please keep checking back for more classes.