Taught by Preetam and Ratan Veer and the Collective on rotation with a little help from our friends

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In Kundalini Yoga the tenth spiritual body is known as the radiant body. It is the light of the soul shining that shines through the transparent ego when all bodies are in balance.

In Karam Kriya represents the completion of a journey and also of course the inevitable start of something new.

Round #10: Radiance – the 10th dimension

Starts Monday 26th April

Radiance is a journey of courage but to gain the courage you must go on the journey!

This is our tenth 40-day sadhana – we have reached the magic number of our own radiance.

Sometimes we may forget the light that lies within us all, or our stresses or every day lives may dull the path but still, our illuminated core is always singing and calling to be seen and heard. In this round, we will work on self-compassion, self-love a renewed sense of optimism towards our selves.

We will be going a little deeper into Kriyas by working with the same Kriya for a few days before moving onto the next – all with the aim of connecting to our radiance. We will practice the same mediation for 40 days and also integrate Karam Kriya, the sacred science of numbers. 

In this 10th dimension, we encounter and re-visit themes from our journey throughout the previous rounds which worked on different aspects of self-activation. The 10th round is a chance to connect all the dots of our consciousness and aspects of ourselves and return to the unity within us, though this time as a greater whole than when we began!

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Have you ever hugged a tree properly? Isn’t it great? There is such comfort from feeling the steadiness of the trunk and the solidity of the tree’s roots. In this workshop, we grow our own roots and develop our own steadiness. We dig deep to find the love that lives securely rooted within ourselves. The kind of love that is unshakeable!

  • Rebirthing Kriya to release unwanted patterns
  • Long meditation for inner strength
  • Mantras and chanting
  • 40-day practice to take home with you

“If the roots aren’t deep, the tree can’t stand the weather.” – Yogi Bhajan

Includes recording of live class and PDF of suggested meditation.
pay what you can

The longing for happiness is behind almost every desire. But over our lifetimes our mind can develop hidden or subconscious patterns that do the opposite – creates unhappiness. And so we learn to live with being unhappy… This workshop is about dropping that habit so that we can light up our own path to inner contentment. We end with a suggestion for an 11-minute exercise to practice for 40 days – the time it takes to completely break those habits.

  • Rebirthing Kriya to clear the clutter of the mind
  • Long meditation for victory
  • Mantras and chanting
  • Suggestion for simple 40-day practice to keep building on the workshop
Includes recording of live class and PDF of suggested meditation.

pay what you can