Nadi Gathering 2022 – a journey to sacred land

This is a journey of harmonisation with nature and the ancient energies of the mountains of Peru.

Based at the Ashram Valle Sagrado deep in the mountains of Peru’s Sacred Valley, we invite you to spend time together celebrating and nurturing connections in this powerful and magical setting.

The event is based in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and we also invite and integrate a variety of other practices and teachings including Tantric Hatha and astrology, wisdom from Andean elders and deep work in nature.

We hold yoga classes, workshops, sound healing, ceremonies, art, music, discussions, one to one sessions and sharing circles. We also welcome local shamans and groups to the Gathering who teach us about their sacred rituals.

The week-long Gathering includes a visit to  the temple of Qaqyaqawana with an overnight stay with local farmers in an Andean lodge and a sunrise meditation ceremony at the ancient site. We also visit the spectacular salt mines at Maras.

We aim to create space and time for co-creation and we encourage you to bring something from your personal practice to share with the group.










Monday 14th February:
Orientation & the eco-story of the Ashram
Evening kirtan & Opening ceremony

Tuesday 15th February:
Morning yoga
Kundalini Yoga workshop
Trip to Maras Salt Mines (optional)
Talk on Andean Cosmovision
Star gazing

Wednesday 16th February:
Morning yoga
Water meditation
Maria Apaza : Wisdom of the Andean Priesthood
Fireside ceremony

Thursday 17th February:
Morning yoga
Women and men’s circles
Tantra workshop
Astrology workshop

Early bed

Friday 18th February:
Morning yoga
Guided hike to Qaqyaqawana
Mountain meditation
Overnight stay in Andean Lodge

Saturday 19th February:
Early morning ceremony & teaching and practice on the ancient site
Hike home
Visit to hot  springs (optional)

Sunday 20th February:
Morning practice
Gong and sound healing
Closing ceremony & sharing


Ashram Valle Sagrado is within the The Center for Environmental Education and Human Development. It is located in the Municipality of Calca, in the Department of Cusco-Peru. It is one our from Pisac and Cusco and a couple of hours away from Machu Picchu. 


Event date 14th- 20th February 2022
Arriving morning 14th
Leaving Sunday 21st after lunch


Accommodation is in the Ashram in one of six dormitories with 12 beds in each. The dormitories are peaceful and private. There are male and female shower cubicles and toilet blocks next to the dormitories.



Sticking around after the Gathering?



Kary is interested in nurturing human connection and community in manifold ways. British by upbringing and Peruvian by birth, she launched Nadi Gathering in 2017.  As a Kundalini Yoga teacher Kary works with movement, sounds & gong. She produces conscious events such as &Beyond and the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival and is a storyteller and a journalist.


Ratan Veer is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong player. He believes that community and shared experiences are key for happiness and fulfilment. He is a passionate teacher who brings with him a unique mix of humour and profound experience.


Dona Maia Apaza Machaca is an alto misayoc, the highest level of Andean priestesshood and the last of the Inka priestesses to hold this level.  Initiated in Ancestral Andean Wisdom, she shares knowledge on how we can connect Mother Nature to our inner nature. She often works with her family, all initiated in the shamanic tradition.


This will be the second time that Kaypacha blesses the Gathering with his teachings. He has been studying astrology for more than forty years and Kundalini Yoga for 10. As New Paradigm Astrology he explores the synchronistic relationship between the cosmos, earthly phenomena and our internal human experience of Self/Soul, offering astrology and yoga workshops to thousands on every continent in the world.


Hector is an Aquarian teacher, renowned in his home country of Mexico for masterfully embracing a multifold range of practices from Gurdjieff, to Tantra, Buddhism and Hatha. He is a consultant in bio-construction and was instrumental in the design and build of the dome and structures in the ashram. Hector runs the Ashram del Bosque in Veracruz, Mexico.


Non Latin American Residents

Early bird: £600 / $825 ends 31st October 2021

Standard: £700 / $950


Residents of Latin America

Standard: £600 / $825


Peruvian Residents (DNI)

Standard: $350 / $65 per night

Friday – Sunday: $190


Under 16s: half price

Under 3s: free


  • Seven nights dormitory accommodation
  • Three meals a day plus tea and snacks
  • Morning meditation
  • Daily Workshops
  • Q & A with local wisdom keepers & shamans
  • Fire ceremony
  • Water ceremony
  • Talk with Andean expert
  • Hike to the ancient site of Qaqyaqawana
  • Experienced guides
  • One night stay in  mountain Andean lodge
  • Sunrise practice at Qaqyaqawana
  • Half-day trip to Maras salt mines near Urubamba


There may be additional events at approx total of $50
Shared shuttle to ashram from Cusco approx $25
Trip to Machu Picchu optional and extra with local agent


Flight not included

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Covid 19: to enter Peru

Updated September 2021

• negative PCR test issued up to 72 hours before boarding the plane
• no test with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
• no masks on the plane

More info here

Covid 19: returning from Peru

Returning to Mexico – no restrictions

Returning to USA – tests may be needed

Returning to the UK – Peru is currently on the UK’s Red List. The situation may change before February.  You may wish to fly out and return from a an amber list country such as USA.
See the rules here.


Fly to Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport CUSCO

If you’re coming from the UK 
You may wish to fly out and return from a an amber list country such as USA or the Netherlands (KLM)
See the rules here
UK Flights to Lima are under £600 or less if booked early to Jorge Chavez Airport LIMA
UK Flights Direct to Cusco are under £700 to Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport CUSCO



Getting to the ashram

We will organise shuttles on 14th February – in the morning and in the afternoon. The cost is between $10 – $30 per person, depending on how many people share. The journey takes just over an hour.



February is warm and usually sunny but right on the cusp of the rainy season. In the day time, the temperature varies from 17-25 C. However, the evenings get chilly and can be as low as 8C. It can also get chilly on top of the mountain. Please bring warm clothes and a rain mac.


What will a typical day be like?

We want to keep it organic and allow the Gathering to evolve as much as we can. Typically a day will look like this…
All workshops, trips and events are voluntary

Morning gathering and meditation, ceremony or yoga in the large dome
Yoga, Sound healing, Breath work, Healing work
Open space for guest workshops
Circle and Dinner
Evening ceremony followed by sharing and kirtan and entertainment in the large dome
Goodnight gong bath meditation

On Day 3 we will organise an afternoon trip to the salt mines at Maras

On day 5 we will leave for Qaqyaqawana after lunch and hike up the mountain. We will then sleep in Andean lodgings and hold ceremonies and events on the temple.

On  Day 6 We will then descend back down the mountain and return to the Ashram.

On Day 7 we will rise early for our closing ceremony before we share a final breakfast. Departures are by lunchtime.

Will the altitude affect me?

The highest we will go is to Huchuy Qosqo which is at 3,600 meters.

Some people can get altitude sickness – there’s no rhyme or reason for who gets it or why but it doesn’t last long and you can avoid it with proper rest on arrival. We will be able to guide you to acclimatise and also have Mate De Coca tea always at hand. Altitude sickness tablets almost always do the trick.


What to bring

Yoga mat. We will have some yoga mats available at the Ashram.
Light shawls for the day, blankets for practice at night.
Walking boots.
Torches and basic supplies.
Bedding is provided but not towels or soap.

Do I need to have practiced yoga to come?

Come as you are. Whether you are a regular yogini or spiritual practitioner or you have never been on a yoga mat and are drawn to spending time with us, and yourself on this sacred land.

Will there be an ayahuasca ceremony?

We won’t be holding ayahuasca or any sacred medicine ceremonies. However we intend to hold sharing circles and beautiful rituals of other kinds.

This is an alcohol free event.

I want to visit Machu Picchu

We are a mere 66km from Machu Picchu.

We work with a local tour operator who can organise a trip for you.

Refund Policy

We offer 50% refund if you cancel up to and including 14th January 2022. We’re sorry we don’t do refunds after this date.


If you are unhappy with these terms let us know within 48 hours of buying your ticket and we will cancel your purchase and the full cost will be returned to you.


Please reach out if you have any questions.


Terms & Conditions


We accept a non refundable deposit of £150 if you are restricted to travel because of your country’s COVID 19 rules. This gurantess your place. The deposit is  refundable if the restrictions do not lift, or new ones are imposed, (except testing  / vaccine requirements) and non-refundable if there are no restrictions.

We offer 50% refund on the full ticket price if you cancel up to and including 14th January 2022. We’re sorry we don’t do refunds after this date.


If you are unhappy with these terms let us know within 48 hours of buying your ticket and we will cancel your purchase and the full cost will be returned to you.



By attending the event you agree to take full and sole responsibility for any liability of loss, damage or injury to yourself or your personal property associated with the Nadi event.

To participate in the event you will be asked to sign a waiver.


By purchasing a ticket you agree to

  • Having your photo taken unless you specifically request not to. If so please email us at in advance.
  • Allow us to use your photo for promo purposes such as publicising the next event, in our digital galleries, printed material and social media
  • Give permission for the Nadi Gathering event to take photographs of children under 16 to use in our publicity. You can ask to see a copy of images we hold of your child(ren), or ask for them to be deleted, at any time by emailing us

You have the right to ask us to remove any photo from any platform that you do not want publicly featured. Please email us at info@kundaliniyogacollective

We will not share any images with third parties


The programme is tentative and subject to slight changes and adjustments.
This is an alcohol-free event

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