Seven day journey of activation

Workshops, yoga and teachings

Indigenous ceremonies and dances

Forest meditations and ceremonies

Pico de Orizaba

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Nadi Gathering, Mexico – Veracruz 2020  ~ a forest celebration 

In March 2020 Nadi Gathering will be held at the Ashram del Bosque de Niebla, in Veracruz, Mexico. Set among 100 hectares of mountains forest, the ashram shares the natural space with rich ecosystem hosting thousands of species of flora and fauna, and two rivers which run through it. During the seven day Gathering we will allow ourselves to fall deep into nature working with Kundalini Yoga and meditation and as always, integrating a variety of diverse and beautiful spiritual practices and indigenous teachings. Local wisdom keepers from the Wixacaria tradition and Conchera and Meshica dancers will guide us through their traditions and ceremonies.

Preetam Kaur and Ratan Veer Singh will be joined by Hector Marcelli founder of the ashram and a renowned spiritual teacher. Hector has been a guiding light for Nadi Gathering in Peru for the last two years. We will also be joined by Ardas Singh from New Mexico who brings the inclusive Aquarian spirit of the Kundalini Yoga tradition.


Every day begins with an early morning sadhana practice with Japji, Kundalini Yoga and meditation

  • Arrival Monday 22nd March 
    Evening meditation & kirtan

  • Sunday 23rd March
    Opening ceremony
    Workshops in nature
    Gong bath

  • Tuesday 24th March
    Indigenous Conchera ceremony and talk
    Kundalini Yoga based workshops in the ashram
    Evening gong 

  • Wednesday 25th March
    Sweat Lodge experience
    Spring Equinox woodland ceremony with Wixarica shamans


  • Thursday 26th March
    Forest hike
    Men & women’s work
    Evening gong 

  • Friday 27th March
    Labyrinth meditation work
    Meshica ceremony and teachings
    Evening gong 

  • Saturday 28th March
    Conscious rhythm and  movement in nature

    Conchera dancing 
    Evening kirtan & gong

  • Sunday 29th March
    Closing ceremony


Our focus for the 2020 Nadi Gatherings to be announced

” Life is the dancer, you are the dance” —Yogi Bhajan

Nāḍī (Sanskrit नाडी nāḍī = tube, pipe; TamilListeni/ˈ/naadi) நாடி = nerve, blood vessel, pulse: pronounced with long vowel sounds and a retroflex ‘d’) is a term for the channels through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, the energies of the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body are said to flow. Within this philosophical framework, the nadis are said to connect at special points of intensity called nadi chakras.

Nadi gathering Peru was truly a unique and wonderful experience shared with beautiful souls. Having travelled extensively through South America this was definitely the highlight that will stay with me for ever. The ashram is magical and serene filled tranquility and love. Such an privilege to share space with genuine shaman, learn about their culture and lives and be immersed in to the energies of the sacred sites. A huge thank you to Kary and Martin from The Kundalini Collective for a transformative and uplifting experience – you guys rock.

Grace Sandels

About Nadi Gathering

Organised by the Kundalini Yoga Collective from London, Nadi Gathering is a journey of activation and of healing. The event is based in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and we also invite and integrate other practices.
We are creators of conscious networks.
We are learners and seekers.
We collaborate with local wisdom keepers and teachers.
We are not tourists, instead we aim to connect with the land, the people and their sacred sites.
Our aim is to exchange and learn from our surroundings and the people we meet. 
During the Gathering we make space and time to take it all in and have the inner process as well as immerse ourselves in the beauty of the surroundings.
Also, we welcome co-creation and encourage you to bring something from your personal practice to share with the group.
The first Nadi Gathering was held in February 2017 at Ashram Valle Sagrado deep in the mountains of Peru’s Sacred Valley. In 2019 there will be Nadi Gatherings in March in the forests of the Ashram Del Bosque, Veracruz, Mexico and we will also return to the Ashram Valle Sagrado in Peru in September for the fourth time.
Nadi Gatherings include yoga classes, meditation practices, workshops, sound healing, rituals with the elements, art, music, conscious dances, discussions, activities for giving back to the land and the people, nature walks and hikes, ceremonies in sacred locations, teachings on local traditions, one to one sessions, sharing circles, fun and space for personal time.



Ashram del bosque de niebla. Centro de ecología espiritual is in the forests of Vera Cruz, Mexico

Seven Nights, Seven Days

Event date 22nd – 29th March 2020
Arriving morning 22nd March
Leaving 29th March before lunch


There are various options for accommodation in the ashram.
There are single and double beds.
The most number of people in one room is 4.
You may also wish to camp – you must bring your own camping equipment.

See Pricing for the different options

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Cost Residential *

Non-Latin American Residents

  • Early bird until 31st August 2019
    Dormitory – £645 or $815 
    Camping £565 or $710 

  • Standard 
    Dormitory – £690 or $870
    Camping – £610 or $765

Latin America Residents  

Dormitory – $420
Camping – $350
Day rate  – $50 ( includes all meals and workshops from 7.30am – 9pm )


Children up to 12 years of age come by voluntary donation

Terms & Conditions

includes seven nights dormitory accommodation with a maximum of four people in each
Three meals a day plus tea and snacks
All the workshops, ceremonies and group activities
Afternoon trip to local site of interest ( site to be confirmed)
Camping ticket includes full use of facilities. 

Not included:
Shuttle cost to ashram 
Flight .
Tent and camping equipment 
There may be additional visits & ceremonies at not more than $50 total
No refunds



Recommended routes 

  1. Return  to Cancun approx then
    Domestic flight from Cancun to Veracruz

    The advantage of this route is that if you wish you can explore the magnificent Yucatan Peninsula before or after the Gathering.

    From London, a flight to Cancun is approx £550 and domestic flight approx £130

  2. Return London – Veracruz approx £650

We use to compare flights


Getting to the ashram

We will organise shuttles on 18th March from Veracruz International Airport – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The cost will be approx $30 per person, depending on how many people share.

Alternatively, you can come by an airport taxi. The cost is approximately $150 from the airport.



In March the temperature averages a high of 27 C and low of 21 C.


What will a typical day be like?

We want to keep it organic and allow the Gathering to evolve as much as we can. Typically a day will look like this…All workshops, trips and events are voluntary

Morning gathering and meditation, ceremony or yoga in the dome
Yoga, Sound healing, Breathwork, Healing work
Open space for guest workshops
Circle and Dinner
Evening ceremony followed by sharing and kirtan and entertainment 
Goodnight gong bath meditation

On Day 7 we will rise early for our closing ceremony before we share a final breakfast. Departures are by lunchtime.

What to bring

Yoga mat or sheepskin. We will have some yoga mats available at the Ashram.
Walking boots.
Sunhats. Sun tan lotion.
Torches and basic supplies.

Do I need to have practiced yoga to come?

Come as you are. Whether you are a regular yogini or spiritual practitioner or you have never been on a yoga mat and are drawn to spending time with us, and yourself on this ancient ecosystem.

Will there be a medicine ceremony?

We won’t be holding peyote or any sacred medicine ceremonies. However we intend to hold sharing circles and beautiful rituals of other kinds.

This is an alcohol free event.

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We’re sorry but we don’t give refunds. It would be pretty tricky to run an event if we had to make reimbursement. And anyway, we really really want YOU there, so please come and don’t change your mind.

Kundalini Yoga Collective

Preetam Kaur aka Kary founded the Kundalini Yoga Collective with a fellow student, starting with donation-based classes in a local park. She is Peruvian by birth and British by upbringing and Nadi Gathering was a vision born out of her own quest to connect with her ancestral land. Strengthened and inspired by the heart opening and deeply transformative experiences with the group during the first and second Nadi Gatherings she hopes to continue to entice others to come to experience the magic too!

Kundalini Yoga Collective

Martin Haas is the co-founder of the Collective.
“My aim is to guide the students towards a calm and focused mind, a knowledge of the self and a rejuvenated body. I believe that in order to claim residency in our soul we need to first make our busy mind a servant, and also maintain our body so it can carry us to our destiny.”

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