with Kary Preetam Kaur

Rebirthing works with the breath and with rhythm to create a flow that dissolves subconscious blockages and clears out negative charges in the cellular memory of the body. The result is a shift in consciousness and some deep inner revelations, experienced in a way that is unique to every individual’s life story.

In times of unrelenting shift, there are so many words out there, written and spoken, that it can be really hard to take them all in. Words have never had so much significance and insignificance at the same time.

As yogis, the call is for clarity in how we listen and what we listen to and also clarity in our words and expression.

In this workshop, we practice a Rebirthing Kriyas to free our minds of clutter and noise. With a clearer consciousness and opened heart we then practice meditation techniques to develop the art of deep listening and heart-aligned self-expression.

  • Rebirthing Kriya
  • Bulding Yourself To Act Not React Kriya
  • Meditation For Intuitive Speaking And Applied Consciousness
  • Meditation Into Thoughtlessness

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