The Golden Temple, Amritsar


Historic site of Anandpur Sahib


19th – 28th February 2019

Journey To India

The Kundalini Yoga Collective and the London Kundalini Centre come together to guide a small group on a week-long yatra to north India.

This seven-day pilgrimage will take us to the sacred sites in Amritsar, Anandpur Sahib and Dharamsala. Along the way, we will experience the music and traditions of the Sikhs and meet with scholars and teachers. Also, we are grateful to have been invited to stay with locals in the Punjabi village of Adekali where we will practice yoga, meet with elders and also attend a Sikh wedding as official guests.

More than a tour, this Journey provides an opportunity to join the dots of the origins of the Kundalini Yoga practice. As always we aim to learn from and exchange with the people and teachers that we meet, so that we may come back with expanded hearts, calm minds and activated sense of selves

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The Journey

Cost: £595
19th – 28th February 2019


  • Travel from Dehli and back

  • Private transport and driver for the whole journey

  • Full programme ~  all visits, teachings and workshops

  • All accommodation

  • All  meals

Flight is not included.

There may be additional visits & workshop costs. We always aim to keep costs reasonable and the extras are likely to be a total of £100 maximum – but probably far less.


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This is a rough guide to our journey and is subject to small changes, many additions and the flow of synchronicity.

There will be

  • Daily morning Kundalini Yoga practice

  • Workshops, teachings and talks

  • Evening meditations, gong baths and kirtans

Tuesday 19th February
Meet in New Dehli by 3pm in the afternoon
We then travel to Adekali with dinner and sights along the way

Wednesday 20th February
Orientation and walking tour of Adekali and the local area
Kirtan and evening meditation with locals and elders

Thursday 21st February
Dress up and celebrate a sacred union – we are invited to be guests at a Sikh wedding

Friday 22nd February

We travel to the city of Amritsar and visit the sacred site of the Golden Temple

Saturday 23rd February
We meet with local elders and then visit Miri Piri Academy, a Sikh academy founded by Yogi Bhajan in 1997
We travel to Dharamsala

Sunday 24th February
In Dharamsala, we visit the Tsuglagkhang Complex Dalai Lama Temple

Monday 25th February
A day in Dharamsala to practice and meditate

Tuesday, 26th February
We travel to Anandpur Sahib known as the city of bliss and considered one of the most sacred places in Sikhism – the place where the last two Sikh Gurus lived.

Wednesday, 27th February
After visiting the sacred sites of the city we return to Adekali for evening gong and kirtan.

Thursday 28th February
We return to Dehli with sightseing and food along the way.

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How do I get there?
  • We will meet in New Dehli at 7.00 AM on 19th February.

  • Fly to Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Dehli

  • To compare flights use Skyscanner or Opodo.

  • Air Italia is currently doing good deals on flights from London.

What will a typical day look like?

There is no such thing as a typical day on this trip as every day will bring a new adventure.

However most days you can expect

  • Morning sadhana

  • Breakfast

  • Morning activities

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon activities

  • Circle and Dinner

  • Evening gong baths, meditations or kirtan.

Morning and afternoon activities may include:-

  • Road trips

  • Visits to temples/ sights

  • Kundalini Yoga or other workshops

  • Talks and teachings

  • Walks or meditations

On Day 3 we will be guests at a Sikh wedding!

What is the weather like?

Daytime and nighttime temperatures vary widely.

We can expect highs of between 15 – 23 degrees during the day.

We can expect lows of between 12 – 7 degrees at night.


What shall I bring?

Yoga mat and/ or sheepskin.
Light shawls for the day, blankets for practice at night.
Jumpers and jackets for the night
In the temples, it is expected to cover your head and to dress modestly.
You may also have to cover your head.

What shall I wear to the wedding?

Don’t worry about buying a new outfit if you’d rather now. Just bring a smart outfit you already own. eg
A dress with sleeves, or jacket/cardi over if you’re a woman plus a scarf to cover your head
A long shirt and trousers if you’re a man – you will also have to cover your head
Avoid really dark colours!

This an interesting video which may help as general guidance.

When do we get back to Dehli?

We will return to Dehli from Adekali  by 10.00 PM on 28th February.

We can arrange to drop you off at your hotel or at the airport.

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We’re sorry but we don’t give refunds. It would be pretty tricky to run an event if we had to make reimbursement. And anyway, we really really want YOU there, so please come and don’t change your mind.


Kundalini Yoga Collective with Kary Stewart and Ratan Veer London, Peru

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