“with all things and in all things, we are relatives.”

Nadi Landing: Interconnection
27th August – 1st September
Damanhur, Italy

Inter Connection ~
a state of being connected reciprocally

This August we will gather at the intentional community of Damanhur near Turin in Italy. The aim of Nadi Landing is to deeply explore ways to expand and activate human potential, in community. The central theme is Inter Connection. 

The six day gathering will include workshops covering common connections,  human potential and synchronicity as well as exploration into sound, crystal and labyrinth technology.  We also continue our commitment to learn from and record ancient wisdom. Our friends the Apazas who are Peruvian paqos (wisdom shamans) from the Andes, will share their cosmovision and ceremonies.

As always the programme also includes daily Kundalini practice, a powerful practice for awareness, alignment and clear mindedness. In this way we create a strong inner anchor that supports the work during the event.

We also invite you to bring your own vision or project to the group. During Nadi Landing we will make space to interchange resources, ideas and birth new networks which can then be nurtured going forward.

Finally we also create an open space for a common group vision to manifest. The aims is to augment the work we do towards a conscious collective existence.

And as joyful synchronicity would have it 31st August is also Damanhur’s New Year called Stellar Hawk! We will be surrounded by the spirit of celebration, of new beginnings and will be sharing some time with spiritual-doers from around the world.

Other Information  (also see FAQs)


If you feel called to come then we believe that there is a reason for you to be there. In alignment with the theme of interconnection and reciprocity we are working with a Pay What You Can model within a sliding scale. Our hope is that those who have more, may wish to contribute to the communal pot and therefore support those who currently have less to attend. Higher contributions will also allow us to raise funds to bring the Peruvian wisdom holders to Italy. 

Full Price

Sliding scale 2400 – 2100
Programme and meals as detailed
Shared House Accomodation
Life Path readings are included

Own room is house incurs a surcharge
Abaton accomodation incurs a surcharge

Nadi Gatherer Price

The Nadi Gatherer price scale applies if you have been to any of these events previously:- Nadi Gathering – Peru, Colombia, India or Mexico, AndBeyond Festival, Breathe,- All Together Now and The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival.

Nadi Gatherer Price:  Sliding Scale 1600 – 1300
Programme and meals as detailed
Shared House Accomodation included
Life Path readings are included

Own room is house  incurs a surcharge
Abaton accomodation incurs a surcharge

Facilitator Team Price

600 plus work exchange
We are sorry bursaries are now closed.


Own room is house  incurs a surcharge
Abaton accomodation incurs a surcharge
(see accomodation)

Return shuttle to Milan airport is 20 each way

Three evening meals (out of five) will be open to dine in one of the villages near by.

Massages will be available to book – price to be confirmed.

There are books, jewellery, art and other handicrafts for sale at Damanhur CREA.



Damanhur is a Federation of Spiritual Communities; spread in the Valchiusella Valley, and in the Alto Canavese, between Vidracco and Baldissero Canavese. It is 40km from Turin and 15km from Ivrea.


Arrivals from 26th September at an extra cost of 30 plus accomodation
Nadi Landing begin 27th August – ends in the afternoon on September 1st
If you wish to stay longer please let us know


Accomodation is either in the Abaton (above the Temples of Humankind) or in one of two or three houses walking distance to Damanhur. We have booked the entire houses.  

You can either book a single or shared room. 

Shared Accomodation in a House – included in price
Own room in a shared House – €125 total

Double Room Abaton  – €300 total
Single Accomodation in Abaton – €200 total


Breakfast is included.
In the houses breakfast will be do-it-yourself, we will provide the ingredients

Communal lunches included

Dinner two communal dinners included
Three evenings are open and will not be included. This also makes space for the synchronicities that may come our way.

Accomodation (more photos coming soon)


26th August Day 0:  ARRIVING
Time together for early arrivals.
Evening Gong & Meditation.

27th August Day 1: LANDING
About Damanhur
Opening Ceremony and Intentions
Workshops on Diversity & Common Connections
CREA Event – Intro to Falco
Evening Kirtan, Meditation Gong

28th August Day 2: AWARENESS
Morning Kundalini practice & sharing
Sacred Woods with Spirals
Tour of Temples of Humankind 
Evening Peruvian Q’ero ceremony

Morning practice with Damanhur
Parliament of People’s Project
Q’ero ceremony at Crystal Spiral
Temple of the Peoples 
Evening Gong Bath 



30th August Day 4: SYNCHRONICITY
Morning practice with the Q’eros
Workshops on Synchronicity, Higher Consciousness expressed through Nature, Sound and Wisdom
Damanhur evening event

31st August Day 5: CELEBRATION
Morning Kundalini practice & sharing
Induction into Popolo (optional)
Individual and common visions
Meet and share with Damanhur
Damanhurian New Year!

1st September Day 6: CONNECTION
Morning Kundalini practice
Common vision
Sharing circles 
Closing Ceremony


More about the theme: Inerconnection

At the root of all we are all spirits navigating the tides of the human experience. In the machinations of modern life, where we often meet the obstacles of division, the elemental connections between all beings can end up being forgotten.

We work with the theme of Inter Connection by exploring:-

*  the depth of possible reciprocal connection between humans.
*  the opportunities that comes from diversity.
*  ancient wisdom, legacy teachings and divine tools.
* ways of deepening the network between creative people & places.
* how to further human potential by bringing own gifts and talents.
*  how to activate the manifestation of a conscious collective existence.

Frequently Asked

Flights, Trains and Shuttles to Damanhur


We will run shuttles from Turin.
For more information please see the How To Get There page.



AIRPORT Turin Caselle (TRN)

STATION Torino Porta Nuova 


We will provide shuttles from Turin airport or train station on the following times
* Monday 26th August at 4pm
* Tuesday 27th August 10am
* Tuesday 27th August 1pm

Cost of the shuttle is €20

If your flight or train arrives within 1.5 hours of these times we can wait for you.


Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)
, take a shuttle bus to “Milano Centrale” train station.  From Milano Centrale, buy a ticket for “Ivrea” (usually with a change at Chivasso).

From Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP):
1 hour and 30 minutes by car
Shuttes can be arranged with Damanhur
Cost is €80

For more information please see the How To Get There page.


Please note that participants are expected to buy personal insurance to come on the trip – as per the disclaimer.

We have used Which? And Martin Lewes to check and highly recommend those independent sites for guidance. We have found that insurance that comes with certain bank accounts also cover this trip.




Pleasantly warm – in the early 20s.
Please bring hats, shades and sunscreen and a wrap for the mornings and evenings.

See August averages.


What to bring

Yoga mat if you can.
Light shawls / jacket
Sunscreen, water bottle and anything you need for your comfort.

Do I need to have practiced yoga to come?

Come as you are. Whether you are a regular yogini or spiritual practitioner or you have never been on a yoga mat and are drawn to spending time with us, and yourself in this extraordinary community.

Will there be a medicine ceremony with the shamans?

During our events we do not hold the sacred plant medicine space.

The Paqos of the Andes work with the sacred coca leaf . Ayahuasca or other master plants are not part of their tradition. As a side note, Ayahuasca comes from the jungle and although people do go to drink in the Andes, it is not native to nature or to the culture there.

This is an alcohol free event.

Refund Policy

We offer 50% refund if you cancel up to and including 1st August 2024. We’re sorry we don’t do refunds after this date.

If you are unhappy with these terms let us know within 48 hours of buying your ticket and we will cancel your purchase and the full cost will be returned to you.

Please reach out if you have any questions.


Terms & Conditions


We accept a non refundable deposit of £250 to secure your place. This guarantees your place up until 15th August 2024. After that date will offer your place up to other participants on the waiting list.

We offer 50% refund on the full ticket price if you cancel up to and including 1st August 2024. We’re sorry we don’t do refunds after this date.

If you are unhappy with these terms let us know within 48 hours of buying your ticket and we will cancel your purchase and the full cost will be returned to you.





By attending the event you agree to take full and sole responsibility for any liability of loss, damage or injury to yourself or your personal property associated with the Nadi Landing event.

To participate in the event you will be asked to sign a waiver.



By purchasing a ticket you agree to

  • Having your photo taken unless you specifically request not to. If so please email us at info@kundaliniyogacollective.co.uk in advance.
  • Allow us to use your photo for promo purposes such as publicising the next event, in our digital galleries, printed material and social media
  • Give permission for the Nadi Gathering event to take photographs of children under 16 to use in our publicity. You can ask to see a copy of images we hold of your child(ren), or ask for them to be deleted, at any time by emailing us info@kundaliniyogacollectiveanbeyond.co.uk.

You have the right to ask us to remove any photo from any platform that you do not want publicly featured. Please email us at info@kundaliniyogacollective

We will not share any images with third parties


The programme is tentative and subject to slight changes and adjustments.

This is an alcohol-free event

can't find the answer to your question?


This is a co-created event between Nadi Gatherings by the Kundalini Yoga Collective and the community called The Landing based in Oregon, USA. Kary of the Collective, and Matthew who holds The Landing space, have been collaborating together over decades in the USA, Peru and Ireland. Both have spent time with the extraordinary Damanhur community.


Nadi Gathering (Kundalini Yoga Collective)

Nadi Gathering is a Kundalini Yoga Collective project launched by co-founder Kary Stewart. The Gatherings are journeys of harmonisation with indigenous wisdom and nature on sacred lands.  The aim is to learn from ancient knowledge, support its preservation and learn how to apply the guidance into our lives and work in the world. Foundational to Nadi Gatherings are the tools and teachings of Kundalini Yoga, sound, mantra and other spiritual practices as an anchor for activation and connection. The Gatherings have been held in Peru, Colombia, Mexico and India.

Inca Medicine School - Apaza Lineage

Husband and wife Raoul and Selamina Apaza are paqos who are Guardians of Pachamama. They work with the Apus or sacred mountains in Peru and sacred spirits from the Cosmos. They are part of a family of master paqos who belong to the Chumpi Paqo lineage from the Qero Nation – the last Inca Ayllu (family) in Cusco, Peru. Their ancestors developed healing techniques and ceremonies through their communication with nature and the spiritual worlds. Their work is driven by the philosophy of living in balance and Ayni, the Quechua word for sacred reciprocity with nature.

The Landing

The Landing is a center for human creativity in alignment with Nature and the Divine. Situated on 80 acres on the Rogue River in southern Oregon, there is an ongoing focus on land stewardship and personal growth. The Landing also hosts events and group workshops, and serves as a project incubator for emerging global community networks, in support of future generations.


Damanhur is an international community founded by spiritual researchers, pushing the boundaries of perception to bring catalysed personal-collective growth, and galactic understanding of our connection to the universe. Centre to their work ar the Temples of Humankind which the original citizens excavated themselves over the course of 25 years. Nadi Landing will support Damanhur’s work on the Parliament of Peoples project which aims to create a meeting place for wisdom keepers around the world.

Kundalini Yoga Collective with Kary Stewart and Ratan Veer London, Peru

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